Jules and Monty Filming = Carry out As of 11am last Tuesday

Jules and Monty Filming = Carry out As of 11am last Tuesday (aka Monday, January 17th) the actual cast plus crew about Jules in addition to Monty (the web set I observed all those several months ago around thispost) BANDAGED principle photographs!!! WAHOOOOO!

To generally be fair, most people still have around a month connected with post-production in order to jump towards, but generally engaging we will surely have our sundays back to recall how to get students again (ha ha) and will pay our Wednesdays at the TUTV station observing rough cuts until every thing is finished… insanity.

?t had been a long weekend— lovingly recognized a ‘party weekend’— by which we recording FOUR DAYS TO WEEKS in a strip, covering a few different periods. On Exclusive we quite possibly had a tremendous opportunity to refer to Dean Coffin, our very own leader of Acces, who located our set (aka very own dorm room) to have a cameo as Juliet’s father, George Caine (a name your dog penned himself)–check out Leader Coffin’s blog! We rebounded everywhere out of episode 6 to episode 13 to episode 17 and in spite of the incredible amount of work we had to accomplish, the marvelous forged and crew pushed throughout to the end, celebrating this wrap which includes a trip to Charlie’s, a cheese pizza place in Cambridge, for dual Guinness parmesan cheese burgers together with vanilla rattles: oh yeah, children how to memorialize.

Now it’s really a matter of attaching up loosened ends: Billy, our editor tool, has locked himself at a distance in the enhancing room to make certain what you view on YouTube on March is an effective representation your series; I have been working on social media outlets and talking to music players; Ed is usually combing as a result of countless hours associated with Vlog Vlog material, the exact backstage vlog; and Emma and Claire, our helper directors, are intending our beneficial Wrap Get together.

On MAR 1st our trailer, Myspace, and facebook will be brought out into the stratosphere, so look out for which will, and then upon March 10 Jules along with Monty will likely be an actual true to life web string and will elite on YouTube with the first two episodes… yikes, it’s many coming mutually now.

Numbers, Stats, and The Enjoyable Things You Can Do With these

Phone numbers are fun. Quantification is the essential human strategy for progress, folks the number of Fb friends, personalities on Yelp, revenue that quarter, supply prices, or possibly touchdowns have scored. Even better, our company is surrounded by data bank of details describing every little thing around united states. As a guy with epagogic tendencies, I just get looking forward to doing this with one of these numbers, decor a computer scientific research major, Let me00 automate that will process. On the past hackathons I’ve been towards, when I weren’t working on my very own official job, I have worked I’d try to interpret a few of these numbers.

The initial weekend associated with February is the Tufts Hackathon, which I co-organized with my good friend Will. Therefore, I invested most of the occasion moving office chairs, feeding men and women, passing out swag, and tweeting. Now, I had always recognized a casual connection between the attendance in hackathons plus the frequency connected with tweets that send out. Relaxing on a pc all night can inspire anyone to broadcast really your 140-character thoughts. When i figured I had created formalize this particular theory which has a graph:


Purple rods are my tweets. Pink bars usually are days We were at hackathons. Suspicions confirmed.

In fact , the numbers do lie: very own average facebook per day is certainly 1 . 234; my standard tweets every day during hackathons is eight. 333. Here’s the bit associated with Python exchange that I used to estimate ’em.


You can see through the line details that this is really a snippet through the middle involving my code. For record, I’ve bought days, an index of tweets in one day (which Manged to get using the Tweets API), and also hackathons, a listing of dates I had been at hackathons. I purchase the average about tweets over-all by summing up the number of twitter updates and messages and splitting by the number of days, and the typical hackathon twitting by adding up tweets a day for each moment I was in the hackathon, along with dividing by way of the number of days When i was at hackathons.


Then simply, at PennApps, I was playing around with the Rotten Tomatoes API and wildlife, and I onlineessayshelp.com motivated the following results:

  • Movies regarding cats and movies about pups are likewise well liked (average audience report of 62%)

  • Movies in relation to cats that will mention puppies do 23% worse than patients that do mention pups.

  • Movies related to dogs this mention dog do ony 16% worse than their counterparts that will don’t bring up dogs.

  • Bird movies complete nearly doubly well every time they mention inside description that they are about fresh.

If you think this is ridiculous and made up, look into the code. I actually included instruction manuals on how to perform it your self, so test it out and see what we think!

You think my promises are completely false? Am I misinterpreting the information? Want to learn about the super sketchy stuff I did on the Twitter undertaking that helped me too to humiliated to put an entire codebase internet (Hint: think about the units on the x-axis)? Leave a thoughts or twitter at everyone!

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